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Chemistry Europe

Chemistry Europe Newsletter

Some highlights from Chemistry Europe and the participating chemical societies

May 2022

Commentary: Where is Open Access Publishing Heading?

A decade of Gold Open Access from Chemistry Europe

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April 2022

Chemistry Europe Symposium as Part of the ECC8

Chemistry Europe is planning a special symposium as part of the ECC8 in Lisbon covering research and chemistry entrepreneurship

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April 2022

Re-Designed ChemistryViews

The tried-and-true content remains the same, but the look and feel and underlying architecture have been thoroughly revamped

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April 2022

Chemistry Europe Announces Fellows Class of 2020/21

Chemistry Europe is proud to honor its new Fellows for their support and contributions to the European joint publishing venture

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April 2022

Chemistry Europe Signs Collaboration Agreement with EFMC

Chemistry Europe journals ChemMedChem and ChemBioChem to become official journals of European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (EFMC)

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Call for Nominations

Chemistry Europe Award

This new award recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of chemistry for sustainability, energy, materials, and the environment

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Upcoming Virtual Event

Event: Dissipative Self-Assembly (ChemSystemsChem & Chem. Eur. J.)

Talks by Larissa von Krbek (Germany), Job Boekhoven (Germany), Leonard Prins (Italy), Ayusman Sen (USA)

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Editors’ Choice (on the Chemistry Europe site)

Chemistry Spotlights

Selected articles just published in Chemistry Europe, GDCh, and ACES journals


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