Charles Lathrop Parson Award

Charles Lathrop Parson Award

Author: ChemViews

Michael E. Strem, president of high purity chemicals maker Strem Chemicals, has been awarded the 2011 Charles Lathrop Parson Award by the American Chemical Society (ACS).

The Parson Award consists of US $3,000 and a certificate, and unlike most ACS awards is not given in recognition of scientific accomplishment or stature. Instead, it rewards outstanding public service. It has been presented to Strem in recognition for his contributions to the future of the chemical enterprise through innovative international programs for young chemists. It also acknowledges Strem’s groundbreaking initiatives in forging new collaborations between business and education.

Strem is a cofounder of the Newburyport Education Foundation, set-up in 1990 to encourage collaboration between businesses in Newburyport, MS,USA, and local schools. Strem also helped create a US/German graduate student exchange program over the last decade through a joint effort of the German Chemical Society and the Northeast Section of the ACS.

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