Spectacular Significance of Drops

Spectacular Significance of Drops

Author: Gillian Harvey

Our ChemPubSoc Europe Advent Calendar highlights articles from magazines of the ChemPubSoc Europe societies. CHIMIA is the membership magazine of the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS). Dr. Gillian Harvey (pictured) is a long-term member of the CHIMIA Editorial Board.

Gillian Harvey chose Microfluidics: A Tool to Control the Size and Composition of Particles by Esther Amstad.

Why have you selected this article?

We decided to highlight this scientific review from Esther Amstad, a young tenure-track professor at Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) who leads SMaL, the Soft Materials Lab, since this article is a very good illustration of CHIMIA‘s philosophy of special topics of interest for a wider chemistry readership. The author is well aware that not all readers are at home with microfluidics but presents a clear and interesting case.

What is the article about?

It is a very well written review on possibilities to control the physical properties of drops: a topic which may not seem to be spectacular but has enormous significance and importance in many technical fields. It is a pleasure to follow her detailed explanations about how size, shape, consistency, stability, and other characteristics of liquid particles are influenced and controlled by molecular composition. This instructive article is concluded by a description of the current limits and an outline of future directions that research on drops and related phenomena (e.g., vesicles or capsules) will take.

Can you say a few words about yourself, please?

I am a long-term member of the CHIMIA Editorial Board, and am responsible for all technical aspects of editing and production.

Thank you for sharing this article with us.


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Microfluidics: A Tool to Control the Size and Composition of Particles,
Esther Amstad,
CHIMIA 2017, 71, 334–341.


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