New Psychoactive Substances

New Psychoactive Substances

Author: Bohumil Kratochvil

Our ChemPubSoc Europe Advent Calendar highlights articles from magazines of the ChemPubSoc Europe societies. Chemicke Listy is the membership magazine of the Czech Chemical Society (Česká Společnost Chemická, CSCH). Professor Bohumil Kratochvil (pictured) is the Editor-in-Chief of Chemicke Listy.

Bohumil Kratochvil chose Nové Psychoaktivní Látky (New Psychoactive Substances) by Lucie Fojtíková, Barbora Holubová, and Martin Kuchař.

Why have you selected this article?

It is the favorite article of our editorial board.

What is the article about?

The review demonstrates that new psychoactive substances represent an increasingly popular form of recreational drugs. In recent years, primarily substances from the groups of synthetic cannabinoids, synthetic cathinone, and phenethylamines came to the fore. These synthetic substances pose a significant health risk for users and their early detection, therefore, is desirable.

Can you say a few words about yourself, please?

Chemicke Listy magazine has a long tradition, since 1876. I am very pleased that, under my leadership, it continues to publish plenty of interesting articles.

Thank you for sharing this article with us.


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Nové Psychoaktivní Látky (New Psychoactive Substances),
Lucie Fojtíková, Barbora Holubová, Martin Kuchař,
Chemicke Listy 2017, 111, 234–238.



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