Improved Li-ion Batteries

Improved Li-ion Batteries

Author: ChemViews

Li-ion batteries, as a type of clean energy storage device and with the highest energy density in secondary batteries, are much superior to conventional chemical power sources and have attracted much attention.

Yong-Sheng Hu and colleagues, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, demonstrate a new approach to modify the Li4Ti5O12 electrode material by using urea as a precursor. This is achieved by simply mixing Li4Ti5O12 and urea uniformly and then pyrolyzing the mixture at a rather low temperature of 400 °C. The coated sample with a very thin and uniform C–N compound layer exhibits improved rate capability and excellent cycling performance.

This surface modification is relatively simple and inexpensive and might be a helpful approach to solve the problem of gas release in Li4Ti5O12-based batteries. Further work is required to determine the composition and to elucidate the functions of the C–N compound.

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