Traveling the World with Chemistry: A Chemist's Journey

Traveling the World with Chemistry: A Chemist's Journey

Author: ChemViews

In 1953, Tetsuo Nozoe – eminent organic chemist and pioneer in nonbenzenoid and other novel aromatic compounds – went on a four-month tour of 120 chemistry laboratories in Europe and the United States. Along the way he asked the chemists he met to sign his autograph book. Over the next 40 years, this book became a series of nine volumes, containing thousands and thousands of signatures, chemical structures, drawings, humorous statements, and poetry.

The entire collection will appear in 15 installments in consecutive issues of The Chemical Record. Three out of the 15 segments in the series have now been published.

Simplified Overview of Tetsuo Nozoe’s Travels

Simplified Overview of Tetsuo Nozoe's Travels

Do you recognize these autographs?Tetsuo Nozoe's Travels

Help us identify the people and places Nozoe visited at the Nozoe Wiki page:

Find out who Tetsuo Nozoe met in Hawaii in:

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The autograph collection:

The entire autograph books as well as the accompanying essays will be open acess for at least three years on the web.

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