GM Crops

GM Crops

Author: Lisa-Marie Rauschendorfer

What are the Advantages of Genetically Modified (GM) Crops?

The products of plant biotechnology are divided in two traits, according to their benefit:

GM Crops Input Output Traits benefit ChemistryViews ChemViews

Development in GM Crop Agriculture

Breeding was used during the last thousands of years to optimize agriculture. Because conventional breeding is constituted of the artificial selection of crops with specific properties, it influences the genetic pool of crops. Hence breeding can be considered as a form of genetic modification.

Since the mid-1980s it has been possible to modify the genes of crops in the lab and to specifically introduce desired properties.

GM Crops Timescale Development ChemistryViews ChemViews

Adapted from [3]

How to Make GM Crops

Transformation GM Crops ChemistryViews ChemViews Biotechnology

Adapted from [1]

Risks and Questions

GM Crops Risks and Questions ChemistryViews ChemViews


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