Wiley Authors Recognized by RSC

Wiley Authors Recognized by RSC

Author: ChemViews

Two prestigious RSC awards have gone to long-standing Wiley authors.

Dermot O’Hare (right), University of Oxford, UK, is awarded the Ludwig Mond Award 2010 for creativity in synthetic and physical solid state and molecular inorganic chemistry, and for pioneering work in the kinetics of hydrothermal reactions.

Duncan Bruce (left), University of York, UK, is awarded the Tilden Prize 2010 in recognition of his mastery of synthetic and organizational principles for the creation of materials with collective properties, including transition metal containing liquid crystals, metallosurfactants and halogen bonded liquid crystals.

Duncan Bruce and Dermot O’Hare edited the book Inorganic Materials for Wiley in the late 1990s and are currently co-editing a 5-volume series for Wiley, along with Richard Walton, University of Warwick, UK, on Inorganic Materials with the following titles:

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