Novel Hybrid Fuel Cell Design

Novel Hybrid Fuel Cell Design

Author: ChemViews

A team around Paul A. Kohl, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA, synthesized anion exchange ionomers (AEI) and characterized them by use of a novel fuel cell configuration. The new analysis method involves assembling the AEI electrode of interest as the cathode in a hybrid, acid/alkaline, fuel cell configuration.
The hybrid cell includes a conventional proton conducting anode/membrane half-cell along with the anionic conductor of interest at the cathode.

Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and voltammetry were used to evaluate the performance of the hybrid AEI-containing fuel cell with H2 and O2.
The properties of ionomers were shown to have a substantial effect on the electrode performance: the study demonstrates the need to produce anion-conducting polymer electrolytes with high ionic conductivities and low water uptakes, to achieve high performances in anion-exchange membrane (AEM) fuel cells.

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