Improve REACH Dokumentation

Improve REACH Dokumentation

Author: ChemistryViews

To improve the quality of information communicated in the exposure scenarios included in the REACH chemical safety reports (CSR) and in the extended safety (ES) data sheets, a cross-stakeholder group has prepared the CSR/ES Roadmap. The cross-stakeholder group was composed of Cefic, DUCC, Concawe, eight Member States, and ECHA.

The CSR and ES documents hold essential information on the safe use of chemical substances and mixtures for downstream users, authorities, and REACH registrants alike. The actions described in the roadmap cover:

  • Improving understanding among stakeholders on the purpose and use of the information in the exposure scenarios included in the chemical safety report or the extended safety data sheets;
  • Improving information on how substances are used as an essential input to the chemical safety assessment and developing the associated IT tools;
  • Providing more support for downstream users, particularly formulators of mixtures and users at the end of the supply chain, on how to interpret and make the best use of the information they receive in the extended safety data sheet.

Together with the roadmap, a Charter will be published which is open to stakeholders such as sector organizations and authorities. By signing the Charter, stakeholder organizations can make their commitment to the roadmap actions visible to the public. Various industry associations and Member States have already signed up.

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