Beer Renders Grilled Meat Healthier

Beer Renders Grilled Meat Healthier

Author: Melania Tesio

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PHAs) are fused aromatic rings that are found in high levels in smoked and charcoal-grilled products, such as meat. As some PHAs have been classified as carcinogenic, their accumulation in food constitutes a potential health danger.

Isabel Ferriera, Universidade do Porto, Portugal, and co-workers have demonstrated that the formation of PHAs in charcoal-grilled pork meat diminishes if the meat has been previously marinated with beer. The researchers measured levels of PHAs in unmarinated charcoal-grilled pork and compared them to those present in beer-marinated meat. Furthermore, they examined the effects exerted by three different types of beer such as Pilsner, non-alcoholic Pilsner, and black beer. The analysis revealed that the concentraion of PHAs in black-beer-marinated meat were two-fold lower than those observed in unmarinated pork. Furthermore, when compared to other beers, the black one most potently reduced the levels of eight major PAHs.

Marinating meat with black beer may, thus, be a safe strategy to reduce PHAs accumulation in charcoal-grilled pork meat.

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