Why Isotopes Matter

Why Isotopes Matter

Author: ChemistryViews.org

What are isotopes and why do I need to know about them? – These and more questions, including how the new atomic weight intervals come to be, and how to use them, can be explored with the new, free IUPAC interactive electronic periodic table.

It was launched on August 17, 2016, in a special plenary session at the International Conference on Chemistry Education in Kuching, Malaysia, by Dr. Peter Mahaffy, IUPAC Project Task Force Co-Chair and Co-Director of The King’s Centre for Visualization in Science at The King’s University, Edmonton, Canada, Dr. Norman Holden, IUPAC Project Task Force Co-Chair from Brookhaven National Laboratories, USA, Dr. Mark Cesa, Past-President of IUPAC, Dr. Richard Hartshorn, IUPAC Secretary-General, and Dato’ Dr. Ong Eng Long, President, Institut Kimia Malaysia. Next week it will be presented to high school teachers at the ACS national meeting in Philadelphia, USA.

The interactive periodic table is accompanied by a set of peer reviewed educational resources that guide users and explain the scientific background. Based on educational practices that encourage engaged and active learning by students, the new resources are created for educators and students at secondary and post-secondary levels. In addition, they sould inform the public about the many uses of isotopes in our lives.

The materials were created by a partnership between an IUPAC Project team of scientists and educators, and researchers at the King’s Centre for Visualization in Science, and build on the work of a previous IUPAC project team to create a print version of the Periodic Table of the Isotopes.


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