European Algae Industry Summit

The event connects key players within the algae industry, including leaders from cosmetics, food, feed, biomaterials, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals companies across the globe, allowing attendees to gain a deeper understanding of recent industry developments and economically viable applications.


  • Market overview of industry trends and drivers
  • Algae foods: A blooming industry
  • Cutting-edge advancements in algae protein for plant-based products
  • Managing EU regulations across the industry
  • Capitalising on the success of spirulina
  • Astaxanthin: The oceanic carotenoid
  • Enhancing algae’s reputation as a sustainable alternative
  • Furthering the evolution of algae in cosmetics and personal care
  • Prospects for algae bioplastics and biofuel
  • Adapting approaches to production in an ever-expanding market

Selected Speakers

  • Vitor Verdelho, EABA; a4f
  • Jean-Paul Cadoret, EABA; Algama
  • Sammy Boussiba, EABA; Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
  • Jonathon Meakin, Adidas
  • Eugene Wang, Sophie’s Bionutrients
  • Maris Stulgis, European Commission
  • Roberta Roesler, The Body Shop
  • Renana Krebs, Algaeling
  • Christel Lamaire, Microphyt
  • Elliot Roth, Spira
  • Olivier Lepine, AlgoSource
  • Ghislaine Tissot Lecuelle, Alganelle
  • Helena Abreu, Algaplus
  • Maud Benoit, Algaia
  • Gustav Knutsson, Swedish Algae Factory
  • Fabrice de Panthou, Inalve
  • Carlos Unamunzga, EABA; Fitoplancton Marino
  • Eduardo Morgado, CEN/TC 454 Algae & Algae Products
  • Jan Eric Jessen, Algalif
  • Edoardo Cutolo, Verona University, Italy
  • Maria Barbosa, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
  • Henning Löcken and Mathias Ortega, Aachen University, Germany

Who Should Attend

  • Algae producers, cultivation plant owners, and operators
  • Algae end market users in nutrition, cosmetics, pigments, animal feed, bioplastics, agriculture, and many more
  • Leading algae/biomass research institute members, technology providers for cultivation, harvesting, dewatering, drying, oil extraction, and processing
  • Plant engineers and constructors, green energy and biotech investors
  • Green energy/biotechnology investors: Venture capitalists, private equity firms etc. looking to invest in new and emerging markets
  • Regulators and government members: Organisations looking into the regulation of algae-based products
  • Photobioreactor and cultivation system providers
  •  NGOs
  •  Academics
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