New Editor-in-Chief for ChemCatChem

New Editor-in-Chief for ChemCatChem

Author: ChemistryViews, Sandra González GallardoORCID iD

Chemistry Europe and Wiley-VCH have named Dr. Sandra González Gallardo Editor-in-Chief of ChemCatChem. She succeeds Dr. Charlotte Gers-Panther, effective December 2023. The appointment was confirmed by the Chemistry Europe Council. 

Sandra González Gallardo completed her Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry at the National University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico City. After eight years of research experience at the Ruhr-University Bochum, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and Saarland University in Germany, she joined the editorial team of ChemCatChem in 2016. In 2021, she was promoted to Deputy Editor, and also joined the team of the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry.


ChemistryViews talked to Sandra about her promotion.

What fascinates you about the topic of the journal?

Catalysis is indeed a fascinating topic. From the syntheses of metal complexes and materials, to protein engineering, to energy applications and development of methods for organic synthesis that may lead to scalable and sustainable industrial processes, catalysis spans everything. Aided by physicochemical, computational, and advanced spectroscopic methods, our authors look into the fundamental principles that guide catalyst design and development.

It is exciting to be an editor of a catalysis journal and learn about the different approaches that researchers in different areas of chemistry take to tackle problems of the utmost current importance, many related to some of the Sustainable Development Goals.


What is in store for the near future?

ChemCatChem will celebrate its 15th anniversary during 2024, and we are happy to do so by highlighting the recent achievements and progress in catalysis research made by the community that continuously supports the journal.

To kick off the celebrations, we partnered with the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics to publish an Institute Feature that showcases the cutting-edge research developed at DICP, one of the leading institutions in catalysis research in China.

In addition, we will publish a Special Collection in close collaboration with the organizers of the 18th International Congress on Catalysis (ICC), which will take place in Lyon, France. Adhering to the conference’s slogan, “Roots and Wings for a Better World”, this collection will showcase impactful catalysis research that helps build a better world.


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