Clusters' Last Stand

Clusters' Last Stand

Author: Arlette Itken-Fuder

f-Element Chemistry – EurJIC Cluster Issue

In June, EurJIC presents a Cluster Issue for the most recent advances in the broad field of f-element chemistry.

The starting point of this issue was the 7th Int. Conf. on f-Elements held in Cologne in August 2009. Prof. Gerd Meyer of the University of Cologne, Germany, who organized this conference, agreed to act as Guest Editor for the issue and invited leading experts to submit contributions covering many exciting facets of f-element chemistry including solid state, spectroscopic, and photophysical aspects as well as innovative applications with ionic liquids.

The issue is now available online as the June 18/2010 issue, preceeding the 6th Int. Conf. on Rare Earth Development and Applications which is to be held in Beijing in August 2010.

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