Searching for Xmas Presents?

Searching for Xmas Presents?


The countdown to Christmas has started …

  • Still looking for that perfect Christmas present for the Chemist in your life?
  • Out of ideas for what to get your lab mates? and Wiley Editors recommend Christmas presents with a scientific flavor.


  • Beauty in the Making Glass

  • An ornate illustrated glass that educates the drinker on the glass-making process and the constituent compounds and molecular structure of the glass.
    Meghan Campbell, ChemBioChem

  • Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set

  • Glowing coasters that feature the atomic number and isotopic mass of the most stable or common isotope for each element.
    Lynsey Geldeard,

  • Chemistry Lab Shot Glass - From the lab

  • Shot glasses in the shape of laboratory glassware including beakers, a conical flask, and a round-bottomed flask.
    Kate Lawrence, ChemElectroChem

  • Test Tube Spice Rack

    Perform gastronomic chemistry and turn the kitchen into a flavor laboratory with this test tube spice rack.
    Stephen Horner, Angewandte Chemie

  • Espresso Cup and Saucer with Caffeine Molecule

  • For the coffee-loving chemist, an espresso cup labeled with the molecule that provides their early morning lift.
    Vera Köster,

  • Sucrose Molecule Sugar Bowl

  • And some sugar to go with that espresso … one lump or two?
    Vera Köster,

  • Pork Pies and Chemistry?

    Or perhaps let someone else perform the gastronomic chemistry and try a hand-cut pork pie. The combination of pork, salt, and spice creates a taste sensation in your mouth that will leave you craving for another bite – and another, and another. In fact, they’re very addictive.
    Jon Kaye, EMEA Bulletin


  • Periodic Table Shower Curtain

    Know someone who can’t get enough of chemistry? How about giving them this shower curtain so that they can get their chemistry fix even when washing.
    Simon Lightfoot, Biofpr

  • The Arduino Starter Kit

    A great introduction to the world of sensors and actuators. This kit contains the components and instructions required to build several creative projects including a color-mixing lamp, a crystal ball, and a touchy-feely lamp.
    Matteo Cavalleri, International Journal of Quantum Chemistry



  • Cinnamon Molecule Ornament

    Something different to adorn any chemist’s desk – a stylish model of the cinnamaldehyde molecule, the compound that gives cinnamon its characteristic smell/taste, cast in metal.
    Andrew Moore, BioEssays

  • LED Spiral Helix & Stand

    A spiral helix light to shed a different light on your home or office.
    Lynsey Geldeard,

  • A Year in the Lab: The Chemist's View 2014 - Calendar

    A Year in the Lab: The Chemist’s View 2014
    The twelve best pictures from‘s Picture Competition 2013 have been combined in the 2014 calendar. These stunning pictures show the beautiful and fascinating things you find in a chemistry lab.

    Eva Wille, VP Global Chemistry


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