Student Reporters at ACHEMA

Student Reporters at ACHEMA


Science and engineering students report from the ACHEMA trade show for the process industries in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, for the second time after the successful start of the program in 2012.

The students talk to the exhibitors to find out the most interesting news on behalf of the journals Chemie Ingenieur Technik (CIT), CITplus, and CHEManager. Their reports (predominantly in German) appear daily at CHEManager. Several universities actively support the project, and the students get a chance to gain experience, meet potential employers, and win prizes.

The reporters cover diverse topics in process technology, such as ceramics, hydrogen storage, coatings, and distillation technology. Some of the young jounalists shared their experiences with



“Our professor sent us to ACHEMA to work on a topic related to our studies. We are writing about hydrogen production from renewable energy and new filter systems. It was a little difficult to get information from the companies, but we’ll try again tomorrow.”

Arne Heckroth and Paul Weihs, Merseburg University of Applied Sciences

“Being at ACHEMA has been a positive experience. The companies I talked to, such as BASF and KSB, have been very helpful and forthcoming, even though we are just students, not potential customers. I also took part in an interesting tour featuring thermal process technology.”

Alina Selig, Merseburg University of Applied Sciences




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