Fascinating Insights into AI and Chemistry

Fascinating Insights into AI and Chemistry

Author: ChemistryViews

An expanding compilation of articles concerning the intersection of artificial intelligence and chemistry.

“Artificial intelligence leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind.” [1]


Chatting With ChatGPT

Interview: A Tsunami of Innovations Is Ahead of Us

Markus Kraft on the intersection of AI and chemistry, knowledge engineering and machine learning, their applications, challenges and successes, as well as his World Avatar Project


Chatting With ChatGPT

Interview: Chatting With ChatGPT

Discussing science communication, AI in chemistry, publication ethics, and the purpose of life with an AI


The Future of Making Molecules

Interview: The Future of Making Molecules

Alexei Lapkin, University of Cambridge, UK, on the state of the art and challenges of transforming chemistry into the digital realm





NFDI4Cat: Next Level of Catalysis Research

Interview: NFDI4Cat: Next Level of Catalysis Research

A. Förster and S. Espinoza, DECHEMA, discuss the goals and benefits of NFDI4Cat and the transformative impact of FAIR data sharing on catalysis research


Chemistry Databases

Collection: Chemistry Databases

A collection of useful subject-specific information resources for chemists and other scientists



[1] What is artificial intelligence (AI)?, IBM website (accessed July 21, 2023)


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