Using Eggs to Explore the World of Chemistry

Using Eggs to Explore the World of Chemistry

Author: ChemistryViews

A growing collection of articles and videos on eggs and science.


Boiled Eggs: Soft and Hard — Part 1

Focus: Boiled Eggs: Soft and Hard

When we rap a knife on the shell of a freshly boiled egg we are seldom aware of what a technical marvel we are dealing with



Egg White Chemistry

Clever Picture: Egg White Chemistry

Egg white or albumen is very suitable as a baking agent, as it forms a voluminous and strong foam



How Can an Egg Swim in Water?

Videos: How Can an Egg Swim in Water?

The video describes how an egg can float in water – a simple experiment suitable also for small children


Is the Egg Raw or Boiled?

Videos: Is the Egg Raw or Boiled?

Simple experiment that easily can be done in the kitchen with small children



Bouncing Egg

Videos: Bouncing Egg

An egg behaves like a bouncing rubber ball


Perfect Boiled Egg

News: Perfect Boiled Egg

Boiling the breakfast egg to perfection is far from child’s play



Easter Egg Trivia

Quiz: Easter Egg Trivia

How much do you know about eggs and their chemistry?



Uncooking Eggs

News: Uncooking Eggs

Shear stress applied to protein solutions facilitates unfolding and refolding of target proteins



Eggshell Improves Li-S Battery

News: Eggshell Improves Li-S Battery

A recycled natural eggshell membrane is a promising porous cathode substrate for improving the performance of Li-S batteries


Luminescent Ink from Eggs

Research Highlight: Luminescent Ink from Eggs

Fluorescent carbon dots can be made by plasma pyrolysis from egg whites or yolks and used as printer ink





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