The Best of Ten Years

The Best of Ten Years

Author: Vera Koester

Thank You!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our readers all over the world, for your continued support, interest, and loyalty throughout the past ten years. We thank you for coming back every day, for engaging with our content by sending us comments and questions, by taking part in interactive features, and by liking and forwarding our content on Social Media and in real life.

In ten years a lot has happened, and a lot has changed. To focus only on one example: ChemistryViews started on May 21, 2010, with a virtual event. At that time, this was something completely new, very exciting, and the technology was far from being as simple as it is today. Still, it was a very successful experiment with over 3000 participants. Since then, many virtual events have followed. The next one will be hosted by our sister journal ChemBioChem on May 27th.

We like experiments and we are looking forward to the continued exchange with all of you. This is what drives us forward. We will continue along this road in the coming years to keep you updated on what is happening in research and the chemistry community, to introduce you to outstanding people and projects, and to also look on the fun side of chemistry in articles, videos, quizzes, virtual events, and whichever formats will prove to be suitable in the future.


What You Liked Best

For a brief review, we have listed below for each year the content you liked best.

The cumulative most viewed article to date (looking over the ten years and all published content) is an educational article by Sarah Millar, a former member of our Editorial office, on tips and tricks for working with columns in the lab. In this article, which is one out of a series of tips for the lab, she looks at how to choose the best solvent system for a sample, and how much silica you will need and in which size column. The second most popular article is also an educational article. Here Catharina Goedecke, Senior Associate Editor of ChemistryViews, explains why iodine turns starch blue.

Have fun browsing through new and old articles – I hope this whets your appetite for more. We are looking forward to the next ten years with you.

Vera Koester


  • Most Read from 2019

Great People Don’t Need to Show Off
EuChemS Organic Division President Gianluca Farinola talks in this interview about his fascination for organic chemistry and the importance of young scientists

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  • Most Read from 2018

First Angewandte Editor Based in China
Interview with Dr. Xin Su, the first Editor of Angewandte Chemie based outside Germany

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  • Most Read from 2017

Why Warm Water Freezes Faster Than Cold Water
David Bradley looks at a molecular explanation to distinguish between the different hydrogen bonds in liquid water and water clusters

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  • Most Read from 2016

Favorite Science Moments – Photo & Video Competition
Readers were invited to submit their favorite picture or video taken in the lab

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  • Most Read from 2015

Chemistry Advent Calendar 2015
Each day another article or quiz was high lighted which covers chemistry details about candles, chocolate, champagne, etc.

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  • Most Read from 2013

What is Shale Gas? How Does Fracking Work?
Education article on how hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and horizontal drilling make natural gas trapped in shale rock formations financially feasible and accessible

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  • Most Read from 2012

Google Water
David Bradley explains in the Research HIghlight how Google PageRank has been adapted to help chemists understand complex systems such as water’s hydrogen-bonding network

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  • Most Read from 2011

Periodic Debate
Mendeleev’s Periodic Table is, for many, the symbol of chemistry – but is the current layout the best one?

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  • Most Read from 2010

Espresso – A Three-Step Preparation
Klaus Roth proves that no culinary masterpiece can be achieved without basic knowledge of chemistry

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