Historic Chemists Crossword – Solution

Historic Chemists Crossword – Solution

Author: Maddi Langweil

The answers to last week’s crossword puzzle along with exciting information about the historical chemists can be found below:

Crossword Historic chemists; guess the chemist


1. Worked on natural product chemistry and collected over 4000 signatures from famous scientists – Tetsuo Nozoe
2. Pioneered the study of biomolecules by X-ray crystallography – Dorothy Hodgkin
3. Co-discovered the double helix structure of DNA – Francis Crick
5. Co-discovered the isotope protactinium-231 – Lise Meitner

4. Received high honors for work on asymmetric hydrogenation – Ryoji Noyori
6. Developed a device that allowed the first exact measurements of the osmotic pressure of a solution – Wilhelm Pfeffer
7. Co-developed a process for the fixation of nitrogen with Kristian Birkeland – Samuel Eyde
8. Was the first researcher to isolate the enzyme collagenase – Ines Mandl




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