EuChemS Awards for Service Presented

EuChemS Awards for Service Presented

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Four recipients of the EuChemS Awards for Service have received their awards at the 8th EuChemS Chemistry Congress in Lisbon, Portugal, on September 1, 2022. Livia Simon Sarkadi, Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Budapest, Szent István University, Gödöllő, Hungary, and Corvinus University of Budapest is the 2021 awardee. Antonio Laganà, University of Perugia, Italy, and Jan Mehlich, University of Bonn, Germany, are the 2020 awardees. Ehud Keinan, President of the Israel Chemical Society and Emeritus at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, is the 2019 awardee.

The EuChemS Award for Service acknowledges outstanding commitment with regard to fostering chemistry and molecular sciences in Europe, as well as the goals of EuChemS.


Livia Simon Sarkadi

Livia Simon Sarkadi was a EuChemS Executive Board Member until 2021 and has over two decades of experience working with the society. As a researcher, she contributed to food quality and food safety sciences, with a particular emphasis on amino acids and biogenic amines, and on biochemical aspects of abiotic plant stress. She also promotes international collaboration and equality in the chemical sciences. As the first female President of the Hungarian Chemistry Society, she focused on strengthening connections with other national and international chemistry organizations across Europe. She is the editor of the book European Women in Chemistry.

Sarkadi graduated as a chemical engineer from the Technical University of Budapest (BUTE) in 1980. She received a doctorate in biochemistry from BUTE in 1986 and a Candidate of Science degree in Food Chemistry from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) in 1991. She received a Dr. habil. from BUTE in 1999 and a DSc degree in chemical sciences from HAS in 2010. Since 2012, she has been a Full Professor and Head of the Department of Food Chemistry and Nutrition in the Faculty of Food Science, Corvinus University of Budapest, since 2016, she has served as Department Head at Szent István University, and since 2021, she is Full Professor at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences in the Department of Nutrition.


Antonio Laganà

Antonio Laganà is a former member of the EuChemS Executive Board and served two terms as Chair of the EuChemS Division of Computational and Theoretical Chemistry. He has contributed to the chemistry community in Europe and beyond with both his scientific achievements and services to the community. For example, he was the driving force behind the COMPCHEM Virtual Organization which allowed the participation of the computational chemistry community in major European projects. In addition, he is the founding editor of the online scientific magazine VIRT&L-COMM, which offers a forum for work carried out by the “Virtual Innovation, Research, Teaching & Learning Communities”. He has also played an important role in the success of the Erasmus Mundus Master TCCM (Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling) program, which provides training for computational chemists at an international level.

His scientific interests include the development of theoretical and computational approaches with an emphasis on the study of dynamics and kinetics of both simple and complex systems, the rationalization of experimental outcomes with particular concern for molecular-beam data, and the implementation of tools for collaborative computing, virtual environments, and virtual communities operating on high-performance and high-throughput distributed platforms.

Laganà, born in Como, Italy, in 1944, graduated with a degree in chemistry in 1969 from the University of Perugia, Italy. There, after serving in the army from 1970 to 1971, he performed research with Professor V. Aquilanti from 1972 to 1976. He then saved for two years as a research assistant in Manchester, UK, working with J. N. L. Connor. Laganà became a Lecturer in Chemical Kinetics in 1979, Associate Professor in Physical Chemistry in 1985, and finally Full Professor in General and Inorganic Chemistry in 1994 at the University of Perugia, where he remained until his retirement.


Jan Mehlich

Jan Mehlich is a science and technology ethicist with an educational background in chemistry. His academic interest is in value co-creation processes and the role of scientists, engineers, designers, and other innovators in the discourse on sustainable scientific and technological progress. He is also a member of the EuChemS Working Party on Ethics in Chemistry.

He has developed an online course called Good Chemistry – Methodological, Ethical, and Social Implications. This course aims to contribute to an integral education on good and ethical chemistry practices for students, as they are future  decision-makers in academia, industry, and society. Its content relates to science conduct, logic and theory of science, experimentation, professional and public communication of science, risk and uncertainty, sustainability, and social impact of chemical activity. Around 400 students have registered for this free online course, thus contributing to the dissemination of ethical chemistry conduct, the increasing impact of EuChemS’ activities, and the enhancement of chemistry and EuChemS’ profile.

Mehlich studied chemistry at the University of Münster, Germany. He received a master’s degree in applied ethics in 2009 and a Ph.D. for work on surface patterning by microcontact printing from the same university in 2011. Jan Mehlich worked as an Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI) researcher on nanoparticles for medical applications at the Europäische Akademie zur Erforschung von Folgen wissenschaftlich-technischer Entwicklungen, Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler GmbH, Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany, before taking up a postdoctoral position at National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan, in 2015. He then served as Adjunct Assistant Professor at Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan from 2017 to 2018 and as Assistant Professor at Feng Chia University, Taichung, Taiwan, from 2018 to 2020. Since 2021, Mehlich works as a Researcher at the University of Bonn, Germany.


Ehud Keinan

Ehud Keinan worked for EuChemS as an Executive Board member from 2011 to 2015. He successfully managed to broaden and increase the impact of EuChemS’ activities and enhance the profile of chemistry and EuChemS. His research areas include catalysis with antibodies, synthetic enzymes, organic synthesis, molecular computing, supra-molecular chemistry, and drug discovery.

Keinan received a master’s degree from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheba, Israel, in 1973 and his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel, in 1977. He served as Professor at the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, from 1987 until his retirement and as Professor at the Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA, USA, from 1991 to 2014. Keinan has served as President of the Israelian Chemical Society since 2009 and has been named President-Elect of IUPAC. He will take over the IUPAC Presidency in 2024.

Among other honors, Keinan has received the New England Award for Academic Excellence in 1990, the Shannon Award in 1992, the Technion Prize for Security Technologies in 2004, and the Henri Taub Prize for Academic Excellence in 2006.

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