Interviews with Chemistry Europe Presidents

Interviews with Chemistry Europe Presidents

Author: ChemistryViews

In this series of interviews, presidents of the national societies of Chemistry Europe talk about their society, personal motivation, and plans for the future. 

List of interviews published so far 
(please note: Chemistry Europe was called ChemPubSoc Europe till March 2020)

The Spirit of Being a Chemist in Hungary
Péter G. Szalay, President of the Hungarian Chemical Society (MKE), about the society and his vision to connect chemists in Hungary
November 2023


Bringing Other Voices into the Discussion
Peter Gärtner, President of the Austrian Chemical Society (GÖCH), on generally understandable explanations in chemistry and research in the field of doping
January 2022


Opening Doors for Young People and Inspiring Future Generations
Monika Jerigova, President of the Slovak Chemical Society (SCHS), about chemistry in her home country and what has inspired her throughout her career
December 2020


Angela Agostiano

The Power of Chemistry for Humanity
President of the Italian Chemical Society (SCI), Angela Agostiano, about her vision for chemical societies and the societal importance of chemistry
May 2018


Thisbe Lindhorst

Taking Responsibility for Society
T. Lindhorst, President of the German Chemical Society (GDCh), talks about the Society’s anniversary, responsibilities, future visions
September 2017


Gilberte Chambaud-Debrabant

The Strength of Chemistry in France
G. Chambaud-Debrabant, President of the French Chemical Society (SCF), about the society’s activities, its challenges, and the place of chemists in modern society
July 2017


Livia Sarkadi

First Female President of the Hungarian Chemical Society (MKE)
Newly re-elected President, Livia Sarkadi, about chemistry in Hungary, her experience in societal work, and women in chemistry
August 2015


J.-W. Toering

Engaging a New Generation of Chemists
J.-W. Toering, Director of the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV), talks about his motivation, the Society’s challenges, his future plans for it
March 2015


Herbert Ipser

Our Standard Of Living Is Due To The Achievements of Chemistry
Herbert Ipser, President of the Austrian Chemical Society (GÖCH), on the importance of chemical societies and the situation in Austria
August 2015


David Spichiger

Serving all Kinds of Chemical Scientists
David Spichiger, Executive Director of the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS), on their strategic pillars, secrets for success, and challenges for the future
April 2015


Thomas Geelhaar

Make Chemistry More Attractive
Dr. Thomas Geelhaar, the new President of the German Chemical Society (GDCh), will focus on working towards better acceptance of chemistry in society
May 2014


E. Peter Kündig

E. Peter Kündig: Chemistry in Switzerland
The President of the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS) talks about their program of reform and the fascination of discovery
January 2014


Vincenzo Barone

New SCI President — Interview with Vincenzo Barone
Vincenzo Barone, the new president of the Società Chimica Italiana (SCI), talks about the SCI, IYC 2011, politics, young chemists
February 2011

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