Chemical Knowledge for New Year’s Eve

Chemical Knowledge for New Year’s Eve

Author: ChemistryViews

Fireworks, sparklers, sparkling wine, champagne, … there is chemistry involved everywhere



The Chemistry of Fireworks

Videos: The Chemistry of Fireworks

The video shows what happens during fireworks and how chemistry is involved




The Chemistry of Fireworks

Clever Picture: The Chemistry of Fireworks

Around the world, fireworks displays produce awe-inspiring moments on New Year’s Eve




Chemistry & Light

Collection: Chemistry & Light

A compilation of articles on chemistry related to light



How Does Our Body Process Alcohol?

Videos: How Does Our Body Process Alcohol?

The short video describes which processes take place in the body during alcohol breakdown and how long this takes




New Year’s Eve Chemistry

News: New Year’s Eve Chemistry

Impress your friends on the New Year’s Eve party with these chemistry-based facts






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