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Clever Picture: Exploring Mars

Author: Vera KoesterORCID iD

03 August 2021 — 2021 has already added three new Mars expeditions and hopes are high that the first humans will land on Mars in the 2030s

Exploring Mars

Clever Picture: Overview of Coronavirus Variants

Author: Vera KoesterORCID iD

06 July 2021 — Most mutations of SARS-CoV-2 do not have a noticeable impact on us, but some do – we look at which ones and why

Overview of Coronavirus Variants

Clever Picture: Comparing COVID-19 Vaccines

Author: Vera KoesterORCID iD

04 May 2021 — Four Covid-19 vaccines have been approved in the EU to date

Comparing COVID-19 Vaccines

Clever Picture: Recipe for Lebkuchen

Author: Vera Koester ORCID iD

24 December 2020 — German gingerbread is soft and moist and is made with nuts and a special spice mixture, the Lebkuchen spice

Recipe for Lebkuchen

Clever Picture: Sourdough Chemistry

Author: Vera Koester ORCID iD

22 December 2020 — A stable symbiotic culture of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts used as a leavening agent

Sourdough Chemistry

Clever Picture: Recipe for Vanilla Anise Cookies (Anisplätzchen)

Author: Vera Koester ORCID iD

20 December 2020 — Another kitchen experiment: The cookies must develop "feet"

Recipe for Vanilla Anise Cookies (Anisplätzchen)

Clever Picture: Nutmeg Chemistry

Author: Vera Koester ORCID iD

19 December 2020 — A look at the chemistry of the slightly volatile aroma of nutmeg

Nutmeg Chemistry

Clever Picture: Hartshorn Salt Chemistry

Author: Vera Koester ORCID iD

18 December 2020 — Hartshorn salt is a mixture of two parts ammonium hydrogen carbonate and one part ammonium carbonate and some ammonium carbamate

Hartshorn Salt Chemistry

Clever Picture: Potash Chemistry

Author: Vera Koester ORCID iD

17 December 2020 — Potassium carbonate is used as a leavening agent for baked goods

Potash Chemistry

Clever Picture: Cardamom Chemistry

Author: Vera Koester ORCID iD

16 December 2020 — Cardamom seeds contain an essential oil that gives them a spicy, sweetish hot aroma

Cardamom Chemistry
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