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Polar Opposites

15 April 2015 – First synthesis of strained polar all-cis hexafluorocyclohexane - the most polar non-ionic compound

thumbnail image: Polar Opposites

Two-photon Responsive MOF

08 April 2015 – Tailoring the properties of MOFs in three dimensions

thumbnail image: Two-photon Responsive MOF

Synthesis of Chiral Nanoparticles

07 April 2015 – Easy preparation of amino acid-based chiral nanoparticles for enantioselective crystallization

thumbnail image: Synthesis of Chiral Nanoparticles

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Noteworthy: Rare-Earth Metallacycles

17 April 2015 – The first lutetacyclopentadienes

thumbnail image: Rare-Earth Metallacycles

Quiz/Games: The Art of Chemistry (4)

13 April 2015 – Quiz celebrating 20 years of cover art at Chemistry – A European Journal

thumbnail image: The Art of Chemistry (4)

Noteworthy: Unified Synthetic Strategy for Dendrodolides

12 April 2015 – Highly convergent and stereoselective synthetic strategy for the total synthesis of the dendrodolide family

thumbnail image: Unified Synthetic Strategy for Dendrodolides


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thumbnail image: Writing Science Well

Writing Science Well

07 April 2015 Dr. Andrew Moore talks about successful communication, how to attract reader attention and what got him interested in writing


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thumbnail image: 12 Tips for Referees

12 Tips for Referees

24 February 2015 An Editor’s guide to peer review best practice


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thumbnail image: Talking in Poster Sessions: Breaking the Ice (1)

Talking in Poster Sessions: Breaking the Ice (1)

07 October 2014 Some ideas on how to make the first move and not wait for others to ask the first question


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thumbnail image: Imines as New Molecular Rotors

Imines as New Molecular Rotors

23 September 2014 A series of chiral diaryl-N-alkyl imines can perform light- and heat-induced unidirectional rotation

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Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Condensed lignin structures and re‐localization achieved at high severities in autohydrolysis of Eucalyptus globulus wood and their relationship with cellulose accessibility

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Fabio Araya, Eduardo Troncoso, Regis Teixeira Mendonça, Juanita Freer

Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Direct measurement of local dissolved oxygen concentration spatial profiles in a cell culture environment

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Yuki Kagawa, Katsuhisa Matsuura, Tatsuya Shimizu, Satoshi Tsuneda

Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Encapsulation of enzyme via one‐step template‐free formation of stable organic–inorganic capsules: A simple and efficient method for immobilizing enzyme with high activity and recyclability

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Renliang Huang, Mengyun Wu, Mark J. Goldman, Zhi Li

Biotechnology and Bioengineering

A robust method for increasing Fc glycan high mannose level of recombinant antibodies

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Chung‐Jr Huang, Henry Lin, Jerry (Xiaoming) Yang

Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Evaluation of a new mist‐chamber bioreactor for biotechnological applications

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Bernd Tscheschke, Janis Dreimann, Jürgen W. von der Ruhr, Timo Schmidt, Frank Stahl, Lothar Just, Thomas Scheper

Biotechnology and Bioengineering

A framework for real‐time glycosylation monitoring (RT‐GM) in mammalian cell culture

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Tharmala Tharmalingam, Chao‐Hsiang Wu, Susan Callahan, Chetan T. Goudar

Biotechnology and Bioengineering

A macrokinetic model‐based comparative meta‐analysis of recombinant protein production by Pichia pastoris under AOX1 promoter

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): José Manuel Barrigon, Francisco Valero, José Luis Montesinos

Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry

Simultaneous determination of the magnitude and the sign of multiple heteronuclear coupling constants in 19  F or 31 P‐containing compounds

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Josep Saurí, Pau Nolis, Teodor Parella

Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry

Development of an NMR microprobe procedure for high‐throughput environmental metabolomics of Daphnia magna

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Edward G. Nagato, Brian P. Lankadurai, Ronald Soong, André J. Simpson, Myrna J. Simpson

Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry

Theoretical and experimental study of 15 N NMR protonation shifts

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Valentin A. Semenov, Dmitry O. Samultsev, Leonid B. Krivdin

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Electron Bottleneck in the Charge/Discharge Mechanism of Lithium Titanates for Batteries

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Edgar Ventosa, Marcel Skoumal, Francisco Javier Vazquez, Cristina Flox, Jordi Arbiol, Joan Ramon Morante


Enhancing the Performance of a Robust Sol–Gel‐Processed p‐Type Delafossite CuFeO 2 Photocathode for Solar Water Reduction

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Mathieu S. Prévot, Néstor Guijarro, Kevin Sivula


From Lignocellulosic Biomass to Lactic‐ and Glycolic‐Acid Oligomers: A Gram‐Scale Microwave‐Assisted Protocol

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Diego Carnaroglio, Silvia Tabasso, Beata Kwasek, Dariusz Bogdal, Emanuela Calcio Gaudino, Giancarlo Cravotto


Mechanism of Brønsted Acid‐Catalyzed Glucose Dehydration

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Liu Yang, George Tsilomelekis, Stavros Caratzoulas, Dionisios G. Vlachos


Hydrogen Production from Aqueous Solutions of Urea with Ruthenium‐based Catalysts

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Shinya Furukawa, Ryohei Suzuki, Kazuyoshi Ochi, Tatsuaki Yashima, Takayuki Komatsu


Merging Surface Organometallic Chemistry with Graphitic Carbon Nitride Photocatalysis for CO 2 Photofixation

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Guigang Zhang, Zhi‐An Lan, Xinchen Wang


Benzimidazole‐Containing Porous Organic Polymers as Highly Active Heterogeneous Solid‐Base Catalysts

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Yangxin Wang, Lijun Wang, Caiping Liu, Ruihu Wang


Highly Selective Condensation of Biomass‐Derived Methyl Ketones as a Source of Aviation Fuel

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Eric R. Sacia, Madhesan Balakrishnan, Matthew H. Deaner, Konstantinos A. Goulas, F. Dean Toste, Alexis T. Bell


Niobium Doping Effects on TiO 2 Mesoscopic Electron Transport Layer‐Based Perovskite Solar Cells

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Dong Hoe Kim, Gill Sang Han, Won Mo Seong, Jin‐Wook Lee, Byeong Jo Kim, Nam‐Gyu Park, Kug Sun Hong, Sangwook Lee, Hyun Suk Jung


Selective Hydrogenation of Furfural to Furfuryl Alcohol in the Presence of a Recyclable Cobalt/SBA‐15 Catalyst

  • Published: 17 April 2015
  • Author(s): Maïté Audemar, Carmen Ciotonea, Karine De Oliveira Vigier, Sébastien Royer, Adrian Ungureanu, Brindusa Dragoi, Emil Dumitriu, François Jérôme

Most read this month

Most read articles from ChemPubSoc Europe journals and their magazine ChemViews.

February 2015


George M. Whitesides*
Reinventing Chemistry [Essay]
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, vol. 54, p. 3196

Tom Z. Yuan, Callum F. G. Ormonde, Stephan T. Kudlacek, Sameeran Kunche, Joshua N. Smith, William A. Brown, Kaitlin M. Pugliese, Tivoli J. Olsen, Mariam Iftikhar, Colin L. Raston*, Gregory A. Weiss*
Shear-Stress-Mediated Refolding of Proteins from Aggregates and Inclusion Bodies [Communication]
ChemBioChem 2015, vol. 16, p. 393

Qi Lu, Jonathan Rosen, Feng Jiao*
Nanostructured Metallic Electrocatalysts for Carbon Dioxide Reduction [Minireview]
ChemCatChem 2015, vol. 7, p. 38

M. P. Pandey, C. S. Kim*
Lignin Depolymerization and Conversion: A Review of Thermochemical Methods [Review]
Chem. Eng. Technol. 2011, vol. 34, p. 29

Raina Seupel, Alexander Roth, Katrin Steinke, Dieter Sicker, Hans-Ullrich Siehl, Klaus-Peter Zeller, Stefan Berger*
Friedelin aus Kork [Artikel]
Chem. Unserer Zeit 2015, vol. 49, p. 60

Natalia Ortúzar*
Open-Access Chemistry with Impact [Editorial]
ChemistryOpen 2015, vol. 4, p. 14

Xiaobin Dong, Ping Yang*, Junpeng Wang, Baibiao Huang
ZnO Rhombic Sheets of Highly Crystalline Particles and Their Composite with Ag2O toward Efficient Photocatalysis [Full Paper]
ChemPlusChem 2014, vol. 79, p. 1681

Florian Ausfelder*, Christian Beilmann, Martin Bertau, Sigmar Bräuninger, Angelika Heinzel, Renate Hoer, Wolfram Koch, Falko Mahlendorf, Anja Metzelthin, Marcell Peuckert, Ludolf Plass, Konstantin Räuchle, Martin Reuter, Georg Schaub, Sebastian Schiebahn, Ekkehard Schwab, Ferdi Schüth, Detlef Stolten, Gisa Teßmer, Kurt Wagemann, Karl-Friedrich Ziegahn
Energiespeicherung als Element einer sicheren Energieversorgung [Übersichtsbeitrag]
Chem. Ing. Tech. 2015, vol. 87, p. 17

Michael Bender
An Overview of Industrial Processes for the Production of Olefins – C4 Hydrocarbons [Review]
ChemBioEng Rev. 2014, vol. 1, p. 136

Enrico Marelli, Martin Corpet, Sian R. Davies, Steven P. Nolan*
Palladium-Catalyzed α-Arylation of Arylketones at Low Catalyst Loadings [Communication]
Chem. Eur. J. 2014, vol. 20, p. 17272

Kalanidhi Palanichamy, Krishna P. Kaliappan*
Discovery and Syntheses of “Superbug Challengers”—Platensimycin and Platencin [Focus Review]
Chem. Asian J. 2010, vol. 5, p. 668

Dokyoung Kim, Qui Pham Xuan, Hyunsoo Moon, Yong Woong Jun, Kyo Han Ahn*
Synthesis of Benzocoumarins and Characterization of Their Photophysical Properties [Full Paper]
Asian J. Org. Chem. 2014, vol. 3, p. 1089

Matthias V. Westphal, Bernd T. Wolfstädter, Jean-Marc Plancher, John Gatfield, Erick M. Carreira*
Evaluation of tert-Butyl Isosteres: Case Studies of Physicochemical and Pharmacokinetic Properties, Efficacies, and Activities [Full Paper]
ChemMedChem 2015, vol. 10, p. 461

David D. Evanoff, George Chumanov*
Synthesis and Optical Properties of Silver Nanoparticles and Arrays [Minireview]
ChemPhysChem 2005, vol. 6, p. 1221

Kevin Sivula*, Florian Le Formal, Michael Grätzel
Solar Water Splitting: Progress Using Hematite (α-Fe2O3) Photoelectrodes [Review]
ChemSusChem 2011, vol. 4, p. 432

Monica Trueba*, Stefano P. Trasatti
γ-Alumina as a Support for Catalysts: A Review of Fundamental Aspects [Microreview]
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2005, p. 3393

Pintu Maity, Debasish Kundu*, Brindaban C. Ranu*
Visible-Light-Photocatalyzed Metal-Free C–H Heteroarylation of Heteroarenes at Room Temperature: A Sustainable Synthesis of Biheteroaryls [Full Paper]
Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2015, p. 1727

A. Hartwig, B. Köberle, M. Bunzel
Aus den Hochschulstandorten [Artikel]
Lebensmittelchemie 2015, vol. 69, p. 1

Yu Wang, Wei-Hong Zhong*
Development of Electrolytes towards Achieving Safe and High-Performance Energy-Storage Devices: A Review [Review]
ChemElectroChem 2015, vol. 2, p. 22

Schüleraufgabe: CHEMKON 1/2015 [Schüleraufgabe]
ChemKon - Chemie Konkret 2015, vol. 22, p. 40

Sarah Millar
Tips and Tricks for the Lab: Column Choices
ChemViews Magazine 2012

Most cited this month

Most Cited articles from ChemPubSoc Europe, ACES, and GDCh journals


Amaresh Mishra, Peter Bäuerle
Small Molecule Organic Semiconductors on the Move: Promises for Future Solar Energy Technology [Review]
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2012, vol. 51, pp. 2020–2067

Malay Patra, Gilles Gasser
Organometallic Compounds: An Opportunity for Chemical Biology? [Review]
ChemBioChem 2012, vol. 13, pp. 1232–1252

Muhammet Uyanik, Kazuaki Ishihara
Catalysis with In Situ-Generated (Hypo)iodite Ions for Oxidative Coupling Reactions [Concept]
ChemCatChem 2012, vol. 4, pp. 177–185

M. P. Pandey, C. S. Kim
Lignin Depolymerization and Conversion: A Review of Thermochemical Methods [Review]
Chem. Eng. Technol. 2011, vol. 34, pp. 29–41

Anthony J. Arduengo, Roland Krafczyk
Auf der Suche nach stabilen Carbenen [Organische Chemie]
Chem. Unserer Zeit 1998, vol. 32, pp. 6–14

Peter Schroll, Durga Prasad Hari, Burkhard König
Photocatalytic Arylation of Alkenes, Alkynes and Enones with Diazonium Salts [Communication]
ChemistryOpen 2012, vol. 1, pp. 130–133

Yuanbiao Huang, Shuiying Gao, Tianfu Liu, Jian Lü, Xi Lin, Hongfang Li, Rong Cao
Palladium Nanoparticles Supported on Mixed-Linker Metal–Organic Frameworks as Highly Active Catalysts for Heck Reactions [Full Paper]
ChemPlusChem 2012, vol. 77, pp. 106–112

Georg Nickerl, Antje Henschel, Ronny Grünker, Kristina Gedrich, Stefan Kaskel
Chiral Metal-Organic Frameworks and Their Application in Asymmetric Catalysis and Stereoselective Separation [Übersichtsbeitrag]
Chem. Ing. Tech. 2011, vol. 83, pp. 90–103

David Y.-K. Chen, So Won Youn
C–H Activation: A Complementary Tool in the Total Synthesis of Complex Natural Products [Review]
Chem. Eur. J. 2012, vol. 18, pp. 9452–9474

Xiao-Feng Wu, Helfried Neumann, Matthias Beller
Recent Developments on the Trifluoromethylation of (Hetero)Arenes [Focus Review]
Chem. Asian J. 2012, vol. 7, pp. 1744–1754

Chunrui Wu, Feng Shi
A Closer Look at Aryne Chemistry: Details that Remain Mysterious [Review]
Asian J. Org. Chem. 2013, vol. 2, pp. 116–125

Lluís Ballell, Robert H. Bates, Rob J. Young, Daniel Alvarez-Gomez, Emilio Alvarez-Ruiz, Vanessa Barroso, Delia Blanco, Benigno Crespo, Jaime Escribano, Rubén González, Sonia Lozano, Sophie Huss, Angel Santos-Villarejo, José Julio Martín-Plaza, Alfonso Mendoza, María José Rebollo-Lopez, Modesto Remuiñan-Blanco, José Luis Lavandera, Esther Pérez-Herran, Francisco Javier Gamo-Benito, José Francisco García-Bustos, David Barros, Julia P. Castro, Nicholas Cammack
Fueling Open-Source Drug Discovery: 177 Small-Molecule Leads against Tuberculosis [Full Paper]
ChemMedChem 2013, vol. 8, pp. 313–321

Peter Politzer, Jane S. Murray
Halogen Bonding: An Interim Discussion [Review]
ChemPhysChem 2013, vol. 14, pp. 278–294

Jean-Paul Lange, Evert van der Heide, Jeroen van Buijtenen, Richard Price
Furfural–A Promising Platform for Lignocellulosic Biofuels [Review]
ChemSusChem 2012, vol. 5, pp. 150–166

Jarl Ivar van der Vlugt
Cooperative Catalysis with First-Row Late Transition Metals [Microreview]
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2012, pp. 363–375

Dhevalapally B. Ramachary, Y. Vijayendar Reddy
Dienamine Catalysis: An Emerging Technology in Organic Synthesis [Microreview]
Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2012, pp. 865–887

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Computational Organic Chemistry, 2nd Edition

09 May 2014 The Second Edition demonstrates how computational chemistry continues to shed new light on organic chemistry The Second Edition of author Steven Bachrach’s highly acclaimed Computational Organic Chemistry reflects the tremendous advances in computati...


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Challenges Facing the Pharmaceutical Industry

03 March 2014 John LaMattina, former President, Pfizer Global R&D, discusses how and why the pharma industry is devalued and distrusted


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General Organic and Biological Chemistry: An Integrated Approach,...

18 October 2013 This general, organic and biochemistry text has been written for students preparing for careers in health-related fields such as nursing, dental hygiene, nutrition, medical technology and occupational therapy. It is also suited for students majoring ...

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