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Book: LIPIDS Mass Spectral Database

  • 02 August 2016
  • Author: Luigi Mondello

thumbnail image: LIPIDS Mass Spectral Database

Book: Information Retrieval - SciFinder, 2nd Edition

  • 16 October 2009
  • Author: Damon Ridley

SciFinder® is rapidly becoming a preferred means to access scientific information in industry and universities worldwide. It accesses databases which ...

thumbnail image: Information Retrieval - SciFinder 2nd Edition

Book: Wiley Spectra Lab

  • 22 July 2016

The World's Largest Spectral Database Wiley Spectra Lab is an expert spectral data system that uses empirical spectral data and advanced software to h...

thumbnail image: Wiley Spectra Lab

Book: Catalyst Components for Coupling Reactions

  • 25 July 2008
  • Author: Gary Molander

The long awaited Handbook for all synthetic chemists working on coupling reactions, compiling all major catalyst components in use in the area. Consis...

thumbnail image: Catalyst Components for Coupling Reactions

Book: Bioinformatics for Glycobiology and Glycomics: An Introduction

  • 04 December 2009
  • Author: Claus-Wilhelm von der Lieth, Thomas Luetteke Martin Frank

This book is the first to be dedicated to the bioinformatics of carbohydrates and glycoproteins.   It provides an introduction to this emerg...

thumbnail image: Bioinformatics for Glycobiology and Glycomics An Introduction

Book: Reagents for Radical and Radical Ion Chemistry

  • 27 November 2008
  • Author: David Crich

Radicals and radical ions are important intermediates with wide use in organic synthesis. The first book to concentrate on reagents for the creation a...

thumbnail image: Reagents for Radical and Radical Ion Chemistry

Book: Medical Toxicology of Drugs Abuse: Synthesized Chemicals and Psychoactive Plants

  • 13 April 2012
  • Author: Donald G. Barceloux

This book provides a broad reference covering important drugs of abuse including amphetamines, opiates, and steroids. It also covers psychoactive plan...

thumbnail image: Medical Toxicology of Drugs Abuse Synthesized Chemicals and Psychoactive Plants

Book: Bioisosteres in Medicinal Chemistry

  • 22 August 2012
  • Author: Nathan Brown, Raimund Mannhold, Hugo Kubinyi, Gerd Folkers

Written with the practicing medicinal chemist in mind, this is the first modern handbook to systematically address the topic of bioisosterism. As such...

thumbnail image: Bioisosteres in Medicinal Chemistry

Book: Practical Food Safety: Contemporary Issues and Future Directions

  • 30 May 2014
  • Author: Rajeev Bhat, Vicente M. Gomez-Lopez

The past few years have witnessed an upsurge in incidences relating to food safety issues, which are all attributed to different factors. Today, with ...

thumbnail image: Practical Food Safety Contemporary Issues and Future Directions

Book: Introduction to Crystal Growth and Characterization

  • 03 September 2014
  • Author: Klaus-Werner Benz, Wolfgang Neumann

This new textbook provides for the first time a comprehensive treatment of the basics of contemporary crystallography and crystal growth in a single v...

thumbnail image: Introduction to Crystal Growth and Characterization
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