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Protein Science

Monobodies and other synthetic binding proteins for expanding protein science

Published: 24 March 2017

Author(s): Fern Sha, Gabriel Salzman, Ankit Gupta, Shohei Koide

Abstract Synthetic binding proteins are constructed using nonantibody molecular scaffolds. Over the last two decades, in‐depth structural and functional analyses of synthetic binding proteins have improved combinatorial library designs and selection strategies, which have resulted in potent platforms that consistently generate binding proteins to diverse targets with affinity and specificity that rival those of antibodies. Favorable...

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Journal of Food Processing and Preservation

Statistical optimization of ethanol fermentation parameters for processing local grape cultivars to wines

Published: 24 March 2017

Author(s): Pooja Nikhanj, G. S. Kocher

Abstract Grape juice from two local grape cultivars viz. Punjab MACS purple and H‐144 was subjected to prefermentation skin treatment. Ethanol fermentation w.r.t agitation rate, temperature, inoculum size, and nutrient supplementation were optimized using Triple M medium following response surface methodology (RSM). RSM results were numerically optimized keeping temperature “in range” for red wine and “low” for...

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Journal of Food Processing and Preservation

Promoting Lactobacillus casei and Bifidobacterium adolescentis survival by microencapsulation with different starches and chitosan and poly L‐lysine coatings in ice cream

Published: 24 March 2017

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Khosravi Zanjani, Mohammad Reza Ehsani, Babak Ghiassi Tarzi, Anousheh Sharifan

Abstract In this research, microencapsulation of the probiotics Lactobacillus casei ATCC 39392 and Bifidobacterium adolescentis ATCC 15703 was performed using calcium alginate, wheat, rice, and high‐amylose corn (Hylon VII) starches along with chitosan and poly L‐lysine coatings. The effect of microencapsulation on the survival and sensory properties of ice cream over 100 days at −30 °C was evaluated. Scanning electron and...

thumbnail image: Journal of Food Processing and Preservation

Journal of Food Processing and Preservation

Effects of drying and sterilization on the quality and shelf life of semimanufactured soybeans

Published: 24 March 2017

Author(s): Shengmin Lu, Daoqiang Yang, Zhongxiang Fang, Jieli Guo

Abstract Traditionally, soybeans are soaked in water for a dozen of hours in soymilk processing. To make instant soymilk, soybeans were semimanufactured (SM) by using different dehydration and sterilization methods, and their effects on the product quality and shelf life were investigated. Results indicated that the instant soymilk made from the SM soybeans using hot‐air drying and combined sterilization method...

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Journal of Food Processing and Preservation

Tomato seed oil for edible use: Cold break, hot break, and harvest year effects

Published: 24 March 2017

Author(s): Angelo M. Giuffrè, Marco Capocasale, Clotilde Zappia

Abstract In the tomato juice and sauce industries, tomatoes are submitted to a hot break or a cold break thermal treatment. Tomato seed is considered waste but could become an important source of edible oil. A 3‐year study was conducted. The studied properties were free acidity (max 1.26%), peroxide value (max 6.14 meq O2/kg oil), p‐anisidine value (0.40–13.45), Totox (3.85–24.68), saponification value (187.84–198.90), total...

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Journal of Food Processing and Preservation

The effect of drying methods on the concentration of compounds in sage and thyme

Published: 24 March 2017

Author(s): Urszula Sadowska, Aneta Kopeć, Lenka Kourimska, Lena Zarubova, Pavel Kloucek

Abstract The aim of the study was to evaluate effects of three drying methods of thyme and sage. Collected herbs were dried: under natural conditions, at temperature of 35 °C/40 °C, and freeze‐dried. The material was tested on the essential oil content using Clevenger apparatus; chemical composition was determined using gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (GC‐MS). Antioxidant activity was...

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Journal of Food Processing and Preservation

S urvival of Listeria monocytogenes strains in ultra‐filtered white cheese: E ffect of L actobacillus plantarum and incubation period

Published: 24 March 2017

Author(s): Sara Ahmadzadeh Nia, Shahram Hanifian

Abstract This study evaluated the effect of Lactobacillus plantarum (Lp) individually or in combination with the extension of incubation period on the survival of native and standard strains of Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) in ultra‐filtered white (UFW) cheese throughout the 60 days of storage. Based on the results, in all samples the number of Lm was decreased up to the end of the storage period; however native strain resisted...

thumbnail image: Journal of Food Processing and Preservation

Journal of Food Processing and Preservation

I mprovements in drying characteristics and quality parameters of tomato by carbonic maceration pretreatment

Published: 24 March 2017

Author(s): Sebahattin Serhat Turgut, Erdoğan Küçüköner, Erkan Karacabey

Abstract Effects of carbonic maceration (CM) on drying kinetics and some quality characteristics of dried tomato slices were evaluated. The response surface methodology was used to optimize CM pretreatment (temperature, CO2 pressure, time) for drying time (DT) and effective diffusivity (Deff). Drying process was accelerated by CM applied before conventional drying compared to control samples dried without CM pretreatment. DT...

thumbnail image: Journal of Food Processing and Preservation

Journal of Food Processing and Preservation

A method of producing edible oils with high quality by water

Published: 24 March 2017

Author(s): Juncai Tu, Wenbiao Wu, Junfei Yang, Jinyue Li, Xiaohan Ma

Abstract The concern about environment, health, and cost has been a trigger for great interests of developing the aqueous method to process oil seeds. Here we indicate a method of processing oil seeds by using a small amount of water, which has a higher recovery rate of oils as compared with high pressure pressing and solvent extraction in term of producing First or Second Class edible oils. The method utilizes...

thumbnail image: Journal of Food Processing and Preservation

Journal of Food Processing and Preservation

Effect of dehydration methods on physico‐chemical and sensory qualities of restructured–dehydrated fish product

Published: 24 March 2017

Author(s): Anuj Kumar, Krishnamoorthy Elavarasan, Pankaj Kishore, Devananda Uchoi, Hanjabam Mandakini Devi, George Ninan, A. A. Zynudheen

Abstract Development of restructured–dehydrated fish product enhances the shelf life as well as commercial value of fish. Along the similar lines, tiger tooth croaker (Otolithes ruber) mince was utilized in making restructured–dehydrated product (RDP). The effect of vacuum (VD), hybrid‐solar (SD), and fluidized bed drying (FBD) on proximate composition, bio‐chemical characteristics, and sensory acceptability of the RDPs was...

thumbnail image: Journal of Food Processing and Preservation

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