Drugs from a Chemical Perspective

Drugs from a Chemical Perspective

Author: ChemistryViews

A growing collection of articles looking at substances like nicotine, LSD, and marijuana from a chemical perspective, exploring how they are used and why, how they work, etc.


Natural Poisons

Clever Picture: Natural Poisons

Some plants have evolved highly poisonous compounds as a defense mechanism against predators






Absinthe: The Magic of the Green Fairy – Part 1

Focus: Absinthe: The Magic of the Green Fairy

When drinking modern absinthe, is there still a chance of getting a kiss from the Green Fairy like the Bohemian Parisians at the end of the 19th century? How dangerous is it to drink absinthe?



The Oktoberfest Rearrangement

Focus: The Oktoberfest Rearrangement
A closer look at the chemical role hops play in the beer-brewing process shows how beer owes its marvelous flavor to a great deal of chemistry


Sparkling Wine, Champagne & Co – Part 1

Focus: Sparkling Wine, Champagne & Co

Looking a bit deeper into the glass we discover that there is a great deal of chemistry involved … only chemistry can be this tingling





Anise Chemistry

Clever Picture: Anise Chemistry

A look at the chemistry of anise seed, which is used as a spice, either ground or whole, as well as the ouzo effect



LSD and Psilocybin






Marijuana in Children’s Hair

News: Marijuana in Children’s Hair

Cannabinoids detected in hair samples from children mainly come from contaminated hands or surfaces




The Chemistry of Tobacco – Part 1

Focus: The Chemistry of Tobacco

Looking at the history of tobacco consumption – from chewing and snuffing to smoking






Are Tobacco Heaters Safe?

News: Are Tobacco Heaters Safe?

It is unclear whether public health can actually benefit from new tobacco products





Cocaine Stored In Alcohol

News: Cocaine Metabolites in Hair

Testing for minor cocaine metabolites in hair analysis has limited applications for definitive proof of active cocaine consumption








The Chemistry of Breaking Bad

Focus: The Chemistry of Breaking Bad

The multi-award-winning TV series is demanding, exciting, amusing, often shocking, and made with great attention to chemistry details


Take care of yourself, drugs can have devastating consequences …



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Chemistry & Beer

Collection: Chemistry & Beer

Beer owes its wonderful taste to a great deal of chemistry—a compilation of articles, videos, quizzes on chemistry related to beer



Alcohol – Not Just for Drinking

Collection: Alcohol – Not Just for Drinking

In chemistry as in our daily lives, alcohol comes in various forms, such as beer, wine, sake, or any organic compound with a hydroxyl group at a saturated carbon atom






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