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The symposia were broadcasted over the internet through a virtual event platform. This platform allows you to view the presentations recorded at Tokyo and Beijing any time you want.

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'Physical' and 'virtual' Angewandte symposia

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, the flagship journal of the GDCh and one of the most renowned chemistry journals in the world, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. As part of the celebrations to mark this special occasion, two Angewandte Symposia were held in Asia, in Tokyo and Beijing, as a highlight of the activities of the GDCh within the International Year of Chemistry 2011.

The events are jointly organized by the journal's owner society, Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh), its Chinese (CCS) and Japanese counterparts (CSJ) as well as its publisher, Wiley-VCH. It is aimed at strengthening ties in the scientific community and celebrating the International Year of Chemistry 2011. Angewandte Chemie International Edition has successfully fostered scientific communication in print and online media, and the symposia will bring its spirit to life.

The organizers have lined up an impressive panel of speakers (see below) including chemistry Nobel laureates R. Noyori, A. Suzuki, K. B. Sharpless, and H. Michel, as well as AvH president H. Schwarz. The program encompasses the full depth and breadth of modern chemistry, from synthesis and catalysis to bio- and nanotechnology as well as health- and energy-related chemistry.

"Angewandte Chemie has shaped both chemistry and the publishing landscape. Nobel laureates have found a home in the journal. The German edition dates back to 1888 and the decision to launch an international edition in 1962, long before "globalization" was very far-sighted, and helped to establish English as the international language of chemistry. Angewandte Chemie also supported the modernization of the continental European publishing landscape by bringing 14 national journals together, and the start of Chemistry—An Asian Journal, which is owned by 12 Asian chemical societies. Exciting journals – such as ChemMedChem and ChemSusChem – were spun off successfully a number of times. Last but not least its impact factor (11.829) is the highest of any chemistry journal that publishes original research," says Professor Wolfram Koch, Managing Director of the GDCh.

Subjects: Catalysis & Synthesis, Advanced Materials & Chemical Biology

The symposia were also broadcast as free virtual events on All presentations are in English at both the Tokyo and Beijing symposia.

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It is free to attend the virtual events but registration is required.

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Symposia agendas

  • More information about the Tokyo event can be read here.
  • More information about the Beijing event can be read here.

We are proud to announce the following speakers, including 4 Nobel laureates:

Hartmut Michel
Nobel Prize 1988
Ryoji Noyori
Nobel Prize 2001
Barry Sharpless
Nobel Prize 2001
Akira Suzuki*
Nobel Prize 2010

Francois Diederich
Alois Fürstner
Helmut Schwarz
Hideo Hosono* Tohru Fukuyama* Tenunori Fujita*
Zhen Yang**
Xi Zhang**
Qi-Lin Zhou**

* Speakers in Tokyo
** Speakers in Beijing


We would like to thank our sponsors of the virtual events, in which Thermo Scientific and WITec Focus Innovations present additional webinar sessions:

  • Thermo Scientific: Trace Elemental Analysis for the Mining and Metallurgy Industry: A Journey from Ore to Final Product
  • WITec Focus Innovations: Chemical and Structural Imaging on the Nanoscale: Nanocarbon, Bio & Polymeric Materials


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International Year of Chemistry 2011



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